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Domestic corn market will show the near future to go up steadily mostly raise po
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Thirdly, stock of company of southern and most feed is relatively enough, arrive the quantity slants little short-term inside still send unripe effect hard. By June since, although the corn price that southern part sells a division rises somewhat, but in light of the contrast with northeast corn cost, its price level still slants weak, although eye next south major areas arrive the quantity still slants little, and short-term inside without alleviate apparently evidence, but because early days place is most the feed business stock up that implements scale relatively is enough, the apiration of a large number of filling libraries inside short time is weaker, it is certain also that at the same time partial area still is put in wheat to replace effect degree dropped the business that use food the demand to corn, the space that because market of this place corn continues,rises is not large. But as feed company stock use up gradually, later period or the climax that will appear to center filling library, the price puts together with wheat in the possibility that continues to rise, go up to continuity of local corn market at the appointed time rising to urge action actively.
The place on put together is narrated, supply as source of inland trade food slant close anticipate aggravate, chu Yu rice auctions city state to also will drop gradually to the consequence of the market after, difference of price of corn of together with wheat narrows further, replace effect to be in domestic most area also will subsequently abate, although domestic aquaculture is local be faced with adjust, but overall still present growth state, the demand to feed also will increase continuously, consequently greater part of market of corn of near future home will still go up steadily, although southern and local district exists arrive the callback pressure that measure level sex to increase and brings, but below the market atmosphere that still is valued in the city after whole home market, the possibility that drops substantially is not large also. Before new this year food appears on the market, the bovine city pattern with corn long-term market still was not changed. Be worth what the market pays close attention to is, area of current and northeast part and general of part of river Beijing University fall rainstorm, sow to local corn reach the adverse effect with grow to all be formed certain, be worth us to pay close attention to closely.

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