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Medicines and chemical reagents of food of advance peaceful cou
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Monitor the work to increase health food advertisement further, uphold order of health food market, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of people, recently, bureau of advance peaceful county is pressed down in Kun Yang, Jincheng undertook advertisement monitors the work management spatial health food. Monitor the job this to basically wait for health food to run a company to seeming drugstore, supermarket. The advertisement propaganda that whether the health food that if be managed to place of each drugstore, supermarket,the labour that monitor decides undertakes indoor, outdoors health food advertisement is publicized or develop other form, and seek advice to whether have other company or health food produces a business, the ad that has illegal health food with management company name on media publicizes a circumstance. This special activity dispatchs in all execute the law personnel 6 people, check drugstore 28 the home, supermarkets 2, did not discover the sale is unqualified in the examination health food and the case that have illegal health food propagandist.