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The king after Chinese medlar goes out: Could there be in Ningx
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This year, peaceful medlar extends the economic industry cable length that is core with medlar with all one's strength in Ningxia, exit gross exceeds 4500 tons of last year, predicting the end of the year breaks through 6000 tons to close greatly first. Achieve collect forehead to rise to 20 million dollar from the 14 million dollar last year, peaceful medlar occupies countrywide medlar and gross of its product exit in 9 into. Medlar coulds there be in spruce sell an international market, the character that medlar coulds there be in profit from and industrialization expand a dominant position. In the past, extensive manufacturing mode, medlar character the good and bad are intermingled coulds there be in making, medlar product develops lag, cause medlar price too low, market not free. Nowadays, wait for a brand in “ Ningxia red ” drive, area inside and outside is many 100 treatment, current domain of deep treatment of enterprise intervening medlar, sale, be engaged in beverage of medlar wine, medlar, health care tasting those who wait for a product to detect development.