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Day price mineral water 160 yuan of somebody are willing to dra
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According to " city wall bulletin " report, this year when the Mid-autumn Festival, the health care in Hangzhou supermarket is tasted have increment besides a few brand outside, major sale appeared to drop. The personage inside course of study says, health care of the last few years tastes a sale to go generally soft, main with whole industry by health care to feed fill, the directional change such as dietotherapy is concerned, method of gradually arisen preserve one's health has preserve one's health of the physiotherapy that discharge poison, gem gal, SPA, dietotherapy to wait. There is kind of mineral water on the net recently very get attention, the mainest reason claims to have toxicant of cleared bowel wall to pledge besides it, achieve treat a disease outside preventing ill sanitarian effect, because it is very expensive,return, a bottle of carry out that 500 milliliter install 160 yuan. Allegedly every month can sell through network sale give 15000 bottles. The agricultural management company that Hangzhou sells organic food popularizes the physiotherapy course that passes a by a definite date 3 days, collect fees for everybody 3600 yuan, include 3 days in the center food and curricular expenses. Meantime, hungry when eat organic fruit juice, organic and vegetable juice only, drink natural mineral water again, cooperate a few boil the medicinal herbs that make by cooperative hospital, other thing is same do not eat. Share 100 people to had tried poisonous physiotherapy of this kind of platoon to now. A personage of this company says, these people pass physiotherapy, the diet in after coming home, beginning to notice to live at ordinary times is healthy, and order organic food. Before drinking for instance, drink a cup of fresh fruit juice, vegetable juice, rise to protect hepatic action beforehand