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Health care tastes additive exit to be added quickly
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The market of global additive agent for food that regards food industry as important raw material is rapid and outspread, dimensions will achieve above of 30 billion dollar this year. Suffer what world food market rises quickly to pull move, additive of our country health food exports rapid growth, 1-8 month accumulative total exports 2.93 billion dollar, add fast be as high as 33.7% , exit dimensions hopeful breaks through 4 billion dollar this year. Chinese medicine health care tastes Cui Bin of deputy secretary-general of chamber of commerce of imports and exports to disclosed a few days ago this. The crop of our country citric acid and export volume all reside the world the first, 85% above offer outlet. Before this year 8 months export the forehead to reach 310 million dollar, grow 32.0% compared to the same period. Our country also is the biggest vitamin on the world kind the production of the product and exit country, it is main delegate with vitamin C and vitamin E, 1-8 month exports 220 million dollar in all this year, grow 41.5% compared to the same period.