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Fruit tea smokes content of oily thin advertisement to be suspe
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On November 19, the " fruit tea that health food factory produces the Beijing beautiful Nuo that drugstore of cooperative thick Yi Shengtang sells division of the Western Xia regime smokes health care of oily thin " to taste, because advertisement content is suspected of breaking the law, be investigated lawfully by door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Execute the law personnel checks discovery, the " fruit tea that health food factory of Beijing beautiful Nuo manufactures smokes card of beautiful Nuo of oily thin " to reduce weight portable tea health food, product outer packing tags " to be tasted originally on the box is with Dai Dai is spent, citric Xi is contained in the flower of Dai of Dai of health food …… that pine torch, tuckahoe, hawkthorn, medlar, calcic pink, prandial fiber is main raw material to be made definitely, but clear blood, stimulative blood circulates, the platoon is poisonous, do not discharge nutrition not to affect the absorption of nutrient and vitamin, spend exciting bowel wall nevertheless, cause water, electrolyte not easily the balance is disorder, it is relatively ideal reduce weight, the ad wording of the content such as the " of first selection medicaments that treats constipation. What because party cannot offer this product,release advertisement content is relevant examine and approve the proof material with formalities and advertisement lawful and effective content. Execute the law personnel lawfully according to " advertisement law " food of the 19th " , wine kind, the item that cosmetic advertising content must accord with wholesome license, must not use medical treatment term easy perhaps as promiscuous as medicines and chemical reagents diction " and " food advertisement issues provisional regulation " advertisement of food of the 7th " must not appear with confuse of interblend of medicines and chemical reagents, perhaps must not publicize remedial effect secondhand directly, the action that also does not get have the aid of to publicize certain part bright the treats action " regulation that show or alludes this food, undertook to this drugstore put on record is investigated is suspected of violating advertising.