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Profit of inside story of a plot of cost of health food of the
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Dare you buy 5 yuan of a bottle fish oil? In Guangzhou the regular meeting when shop of supermarket of a few drugstore sees the health food of sales promotion petty gain, include element of deep-sea fish oil, garlic, vitamin piece etc, 4 lose privilege, buy 2 send one, diving price lets person “ become really interested the reporter was in ”…… a few days ago east one drugstore of Bu sees 5 yuan of a bottle fish oil even. From cost price about a hundred yuan, a few yuan can appear to a few yuan of 10 multivariate, …… of present price the price difference of such great disparity, the personage inside one course of study Mr Zhao is with fish oil exemple, to reporter teem therein “ mystery ” . According to divulging, the scientific research funds that health care tastes should occupy the 3%~5% of its profit, but the investment of business of a few health food on scientific research not as good as 1% of profit. Health food profit can amount to 100%~200% commonly. A health food approves a finished product from development, development, newspaper, register to brand again need only commonly tens of 10 thousand yuan. Fish oil kind health care is tasted, medium norms is packed, average factory price is 6 yuan of ~8 yuan, eliminate makes an appointment with the sale of 20% to publicize charge, and current cost, the fish oil retail price of a bottle of medium norms is in 40 yuan of ~100 or so yuan it is relatively reasonable. If consumer is encountered,have a few yuan of money only, especially 6 yuan of the following fish oil health care are tasted, it is the product has a problem certainly, must not buy. Sharp key point is jerry stock-in-trade because   is clinical confirm sterling fish oil helpful to reducing respect of heart and vessels of hematic fat, protection, take fish oil accordingly what wait for a disease in order to suffer from heart head blood-vessel is medium old people is in the majority, once take,inferior fish oil will cause great menace to health. To reduce cost, a few undesirable businessmen often rack one's brains, make an a few inferior fish oil seek profit, common have the following two kinds: 1.   of fish oil of = of element of salad oil fishy smell is seek profit, undesirable businessman some is shoddy, some adds fishy smell element with salad oil. Because content of inferior fish oil is inferior, still have even if expire or store the fish oil that the condition causes oxidation to deteriorate not quite, these fish oil are much itself of Xi fatty acid oxidizes easily, if absorb excessive fish oil or inferior metamorphism to taste, increase the body to cross the risk that oxidation should stimulate likely, like arterial congee appearance film of the formation of spot piece, cell passes oxidation loss, can cause adverse harm to the body. 2. Is leather shoes taken make capsule? ! Outside removing raw material, the cost that pack also is a of be economical of section of black heart businessman important pillar, pack well can make sure the product is not degenerative inside period of efficacy, the average cost that pack occupies the 3/4 of product factory price. Fish oil is packed with capsule common, capsule carapace divides hard capsule and soft capsule, the finished cost of an empty capsule is divided in 0.4~0.6 about, capsule has the branch of officinal capsule and edible capsule, officinal capsule quality is better than edible capsule, the price is expensive also, general brand product just may use officinal capsule. Black heart businessman is used even industrial capsule, deserted skin is provided (wait like leather shoes, portfolio) will make capsule case. If be taken, likewise right healthy especially the health of old people causes a harm. Spending is direct how the choose and buy is high grade health food     1. Arrive as far as possible the supermarket that has reputation, drugstore. Channel of regular store replenish onr's stock has relatively assure, consumer ten million cannot covet temporarily cheap, informal in street edge small shop or blame normal business shop buys health care to taste. 2. Identify the designation of accurate health food. Some of health care is tasted is to embezzle the lot number of other and legal product, consumer is OK go up the website that the official website of supervisory management board of national provision medicines and chemical reagents and Chinese health care taste committee of association market work, whether is the product name that inquires according to product lot number the country is approved mixed the conform to of the conduct propaganda that pack, in order to check true bogus. 3. “ acceptance gets effective immediately ” is suspect. Health care is tasted unlike medicines and chemical reagents, did not treat effect, have the effect of get effect instantly more impossibly. Additional, want to notice the gift of a few products especially, for tarry consumer, better effect often appears after gift is taken, this may add other part. 4. Understand effect part. Although health food is not medicines and chemical reagents, but buy still need to consult a doctor, be in next professionally directive use. Resemble fish oil kind the product has certain clinical effect, the old people that has arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure is unsuited pure take, can increase blood-vessel to connect otherwise appear a gender, bring about the likelihood of haemorrhage. Additional, nutrient expert expresses, fish oil also is not to eat morer to had been jumped over, because fish oil is adipose after all, every kinds of adipose onefold use metropolis has undesirable reaction. What is more,the rather that, crossing much ground to absorb fish oil quantity of heat also is adverse to human body.
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