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The end of the year rolls out level of aggrandizement flour sta
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National hair changes appoint public nutrition and Yu Xiaodong of development center director expressed in Wuhan on September 26, the country will roll out level of aggrandizement flour state at the end of the year, make a provision to producing the nutriment that flour adds and dosage to wait. On the wheat flour of “ Selenium aggrandizement that holds in Wuhan industry institute and technology of area products production and market seminar ” , yu Xiaodong says, although this just still recommends sexual level, the manufacturer or that produces flour at the appointed time produces general flour, if produce aggrandizement flour, must undertake by relevant code. He still expresses, resemble other country same, our country is being striven for actively carry out its as national mandatory standard. Yu Xiaodong introduces, devoid microelement is equivalent to invisible and hungry. And micronutrient of aggrandizement flour complement is very effective, be in the United States, Canada, popularity rate achieves 90% above, and our country is insufficient still 3% . Yu Xiaodong says, outside dividing flour, the country will have measure ground to drive the nutrition that waits for food to oil of rice, edible to turn an issue.