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Beijing hides hospital expert to teach you to identify health c
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Aweto is tasted originally for ergot bacterium division aweto parasitism is in on larva of batty moth insect child the complex system that reachs larval put oneself in another's position, originate in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of tree of jade of case of Sichuan A dam, loose Pan, heart, Qinghai, fruit, Tibet that music, prosperous and other places. You Yisheng is long in altitude the Chinese caterpillar fungus of that area is the Tibet of 4500 meters of above the beautiful in Chinese caterpillar fungus is tasted. Aweto basically is used at filling gas of kidney embellish lung, beneficial promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, balance yin and yang, defer consenescence, fight the liver of anaemic and cancer, frail, second, immunity that raises human body to preventing cancer this action originallies since force. Optimum enter with dietotherapy means fill, every time 2, 3 money, flesh of the chicken that stew, duck kind all appropriate.   sex flavour: Pleasant, lukewarm; Function: Hemostatic and kidney of filling lung beneficial, expectorant; Advocate treat: Long cough ache of genu of phlegmy blood of cough of empty asthma, fatigue, waist, impotent seminal emission. Commonly used quantity: 5-10g. Xue Lian is beautiful; Snow lotus is Tibet the natural and pure wild produce of region of snow of rice of 3500~5000 of the altitude northeast, medicinal material authentic, character admirable, effect is distinguished. Sexual flavour: Suffering, small suffering, lukewarm; Function advocate treat: Rheumatism of clear hot detoxify, dispel, detumescence, acetanilide. Use at disease of head scar, department of gynaecology, kind detumescence of rheumatism arthritis, apoplectic, reaction to high altitudes, apply. Usage: Wine agent: Xue Lian spends 50g; liquor 500ml, immerse 10 days, everyday 30-50ml. The knife wound bleeds: This tasting grind for fine pink, apply. Producing area of furnace the bulb of fritillary: Originate in with case of Zi of pleasant of Qinghai jade tree, Sichuan, heart, tibet that and other places. Sexual flavour: Suffering, pleasant, small cold; Function: Embellish lung is expectorant, clear heat comes loose knot. Advocate treat: Lobar empty is long cough, dry of phlegmy little pharynx, cough asthma, phlegmy much, painful swollen scrofula. Commonly used quantity: 3-10g, levigation take medicine with water, every time 1-1.5g. Safflower tastes the dry chapiter that is crocus of plant of kite former division originally on the west, originate in the country such as Spain, France, Holand, India, Iran formerly (past Spain product enters a country by Tibet) , call n/bot saffron crosus of " of " Tibet safflower, " " again. Sexual flavour: Pleasant, cold; Function: Yu of dispel of invigorate the circulation of blood, know wind, cool blood is alexipharmic, hold the action that raise blood concurrently. Advocate treat: Macula blood heat, care thinks of ruffian of midriff of Yu Jie, bosom bellyacke of blood of amenorrhoea of frowsty, haematemesis, woman, postpartum Yu, drop dozen of gall. Commonly used quantity: 1.5-3g.
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