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Illegal clue is serious " powder of treasure of green cereal gl
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CCTV report says, ” of “ green cereal is come 10 years false advertisement publicizes the throughout the country's most typical series one of cases. On Feburary 18, national provision medicines and chemical reagents controls management board (next weighing “SFDA” ) released on its website 2007 the 2nd period collect of announcement of advertisement of illegal health food, call-over 6 kinds of “ illegal clues such as ” of powder of treasure of glossy ganoderma of critical “ green cereal are serious, break the law release frequency second the health food advertisement of tall ” , the requirement increases these pair of health food advertising to monitor strength, want to warn the customer inside area under administration in time, discretion is bought break the law release advertising health food. Before this on Feburary 5, the article order that SFDA issues feeds medical inspect city for the country [the announcement of 2008]50 date points out: “2007 year 7 to December, supervisory management department of medicines and chemical reagents of food of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is right the health food advertisement inside area under administration released a circumstance to undertake checking, report and move send what with class department of industrial and commercial administration investigates to violate health food advertisement in all 11643. These 6 kinds of advertisement that ”SFDA call-overs this, it is the illegal clue that “ discovers in these monitoring namely serious, break the law release frequency second ” of tall health food advertisement. SFDA informs middle finger goes out: ” of powder of treasure of glossy ganoderma of “ green cereal (defend feed 〔 of be good at word 1998 〕 382) , the sanitarian function that its approve is assisted for “ restrain tumor, immunity adjustment, fight radiation ” . This product advertisement alleges “ fights brand of tumor first selection, can be saved of urgent heavy late patient; Had treasure of green cereal glossy ganoderma, rate of tumor recrudesce move is reduced greatly; Implementation tumour cell is eliminated sadly, reinstate gene stable state, prevent recrudesce to transfer ” to wait, with health food pretends to be medicines and chemical reagents to undertake conduct propaganda and claiming to be opposite the disease has remedial effect, contain what show product effect unscientificly to break make peace to assure, make a proof for product effect with the name of patient, expert, serious deceit and misdirect are consumed. Outside dividing ” of powder of treasure of glossy ganoderma of “ green cereal, in capsule of soft capsule of oil of spore of glossy ganoderma of division shop sign, mycelial of strange grow treasure, every day treasure of glossy ganoderma of clear big tea, Fu Xi, Apollo card supports oneself fluid of force profess to convinced also is call-overed to criticize. The reporter examined what Shanghai food medicines and chemical reagents releases on website of supervisory management board, make up decided “ to violate ” of statistics of health food advertisement and “ by the month without examining and approve, forge advertisement of medicines and chemical reagents to approve the circumstance such as article date to handle summary table ” . Began in Feburary 2004 from what have a record, the “ Shuang Linggu that limited company of pharmacy of Xi'an green cereal produces comes loose originally (treasure of former China glossy ganoderma) , green cereal (group) the “ green Gu Lingzhi that limited company produces treasure ” for many times ” of a list of names posted up on “ . And the news that about “ Beijing Shanghai two ground investigated the illegal advertisement ” such as treasure of green cereal glossy ganoderma jointly this year in January mixes the CCTV " weekly quality reports " the report that “ uncovers ” of fraud of ’ of secret ‘ green cereal, the treasure of China glossy ganoderma that disclosed “ to begin from 1996 comes loose originally to the Shuang Linggu after 2002, arrive again the treasure of green cereal glossy ganoderma nowadays, group of Shanghai green cereal alternates ceaselessly name and propagandist content, make false advertisement content is in be as long as be popular in 10 old time, misdirect broad cancer patient, caused abominable social effect, become nearly 10 years to come false advertisement publicizes the throughout the country's most typical series one of cases the process of ” . " weekly quality reports " point out, branch of classics medicine inspect is checked solid, in green cereal group a series of in advertisement of the product that fight cancer, cited scholar of many scientific research orgnaization, authoritative hospital, expert, be benefited the patient right early or late the so-called effect fighting cancer of 3 acting products undertakes conduct propaganda. Braided “ whole world to the product first glossy ganoderma kind anticarcinogen tastes our country of ” , “ the biggest Chinese traditional medicine that fight cancer ” , “ is selected " U.N. purchases directory " fight cancerous Chinese traditional medicine exclusively ” , “ enters American FDA clinical attestation the beautiful aureola such as ” of first China new drug. Pass these inviting conduct propaganda just about, attracted many cancer patient to buy treasure of China glossy ganoderma, Shuang Linggu to come loose originally with treasure of green cereal glossy ganoderma, help these products as his straw. “ is current, the advertisement that bureau of Shanghai medicine inspect already was suspected of green cereal group breaking the law badly turns over put on record of door of Shanghai The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to investigate. ”The reporter cannot log onto the website of green cereal group last night, and in this group subordinate green cereal of Shanghai of wholy-owned company “ gives birth to ” of limited company of order system engineering (next weighing that “ green cereal gives birth to life ” ) on the website, still diffusing a lot of false conduct propaganda. For example, “ says on the net " People's Daily " 17 days of special subject report January ” of green cereal group, “ " People's Daily " ” of group of uninterrupted report green cereal. And in fact, " People's Daily " what print goes out is advertisement only, and treasure of China glossy ganoderma, Shuang Linggu was not involved to come loose to wait for any products with treasure of green cereal glossy ganoderma originally completely in advertisement. Life fixed position is green Gu Sheng to sell a business continuously, also be full of in its website sell smell continuously. But the “ Department of Commerce in website of Department of Commerce sells the reporter continuously the check in ” of system of trade news management, be sold continuously by 19 of approval to the end of last year in the enterprise, do not have the shadow of green cereal life at all.
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