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Of aquatic product of our country of European Union entrance de
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On June 28, 2007, the “ that American FDA releases imports middle finger of ” of IA16131 date alarm to go out: ?006 year came on October 1 on May 31, 2007, the United States detects in all 89 sample goods in fish of the catfish that imports from China, dark purple, shrimp, dace, eel, among them check of 22 sample goods gives medical incomplete, medical incomplete limits is peacock a green pigment made of malachite (Malachite Green) , ketone of fluorine Kui Nuo (Fluoroquinolone) , gentian (Sha Xing of Nuo of Methyl Violet) , favour (furan of Enrofloxcin) , nitro- (Nitrofuran) , chloromycetin (Chloramphenicol) .

Current, association of safety of European Union food states: In importing shrimp goods once be contained by fish chloromycetin, will suffer refus goods instantly, even destroy by melting or burning. And Chinese shrimp kind export volume, occupy aquatic product to always export the specified number 15% the left and right sides, the import policy with so rigid European Union, it is the serious blow that exports to Chinese aquatic product undoubtedly.

In January 2002, the European Union is in food safety laws and regulations on the foundation of 97/78/EC, pass two resolution early or late: 2001/699/EC and 2001/705/EC, take the protection step that be detained automatically and has approving check in the light of the shrimp that imports from China, Vietnam and Indonesian country. The regulation makes clear in resolution: Because some chloromycetin are contained to will cause potential harm to human body health in food, to producing from or the catching shrimp of by China, Vietnam and Indonesia must undertake sampling detecting, ensure pair of human body are harmless, custom square but discharged is passed.

And be in early 1990, european Union had made relevant law (EEC)2377/90, made a demand to quantity of incomplete of the pesticide in the provision that makes by the animal, have 10 kinds of remedy that restrict without highest value among them, these 10 kinds of medicaments include:

Equestrian bag Ling is planted (Aristolochia Spp. ) , chloromycetin (Chloramphenicol) , chloroform (Chloroform) , chlorpromazine (Chlorpromazine) , meadow saffron element (sulphone of Colchicine) , ammonia benzene (Zun of Mi of saltpetre of Dapsone) , 2 armour (Dimetridazole) , Zun of armour saltpetre Da (Nitrofurans(of furan of Metronidazole) , nitro- includes furan Zun ketone Furazolidone) , Luo Xiao. This means above 10 kinds of active medicaments are provision cannot be made in any animals, and the feed of these animals and grow use in the environment.

From this, chinese aquatic product exports the nation such as beautiful, day, European Union, must provide report of check of tripartite medicine, prove the security of the product, import a country to will be detained automatically otherwise. If business of export of Chinese aquatic product still tries to take a risk to will not undertake the aquatic product of the test infiltrates exporting Euramerican day market, will be faced with expensive product to detect with stop charge and interest burden; And of aquatic product last the expiration period is briefer, because this is detained as a result of the test the product inside custom or haven, the loss that causes to exporter may bigger.
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