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The health care with live not easy tastes an industry
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The beauty v/arcs born under an unlucky star! Uptodate already became numerous health care to taste what the enterprise cannot cast off to live to be encircled quite, secondly development course of more than 10 years, looking those who be like temptation is blatant in what precipitation comes down is abjection however and but. We discover not hard, current almost all health care taste the fate that the company does not go to give sudden attack of a severe illness forever it seems that and die or dies without known cause. Especially medium or small health care tastes an enterprise, in the big company that expands domestic and internationally increasingly extruding falls, had lain the room for action that put seeks to live on in crack. After the market competition severe test that passes one round another round, the managers of medium and small businesses, without be absent give out “ medium and small businesses not to act wait dead, groan of ” of action court death.

Little health protection tastes the one shade deep and remote dream of the enterprise in cruel rich —— !

Review the development course that Chinese health care tastes an industry 20 years, sanitarian moral course of study has only it seems that broiling with cold winter. Each is tasted newly in the emerge in large numbers in upsurge, if be like broad-leaved epiphyllum in cold winter,rapid wither dies. During this, much health care tastes a brand to be just as a lantern with paper cut figures of men same embark upon a political venture, cut or the written in water after big or small cake.

20 years of go round and round, a few brands with each rounds of occurrence few amount to are lively hind, whole market can be immersed in frozen lair again again, return first starting point. Besides let health care taste an enterprise to drill outside mystical sale work force, the progress that never keeps what substance for sanitarian moral course of study and accumulate.

The horizontal sky of 3 individual plant is born, going up somehow the formation that drove Chinese health care to taste market pattern, but do not fall as “ biology day the fall from the sky that Caesarean ” dreams, the healthy progress of the sanitarian moral course of study that is China brought a lot of sequela. But, chinese health care tasted course of study to forget year of sale very quickly the deep-seated reason that the huge popularity of 8 billion wheres to collapse overnight, the sale that they saw only one-sidedly 3 individual plant use advertisement place to create is mythological, after 3 individual plant, still ceaselessly greatly little health protection tastes brand pace its follow, in bend its are all, use “ advertisement to throw ” of tactics of sea of faces and so called “ the sale gimmick of a pair of many ” got man-to-man ” and “ after huge sale rapid die out, this is followed suit by the “ that sale group calls health care to taste phenomenal ” .
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