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Sincere letter archives will be in health food enterprise Zheji
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Zhejiang saves health food association to announced recently, system of credit of health food industry will be built in complete province, undertake to the enterprise be as good as one's word, fundamental keep faith manages by different levels with what break one's promise, announce to the society regularly.

As a result of the characteristic of health food industry, add on a few companies exaggerated conduct propaganda, consumer often produces misunderstanding to its. According to Zhejiang province disappear is protected appoint show to the investigation of 2841 families, 58. The informant of 6 % is not clear about the distinction of health food, medicines and chemical reagents and common provision, have 69. The informant of 7 % expresses, choice health food is main according to media advertisement or recommend.

Zhejiang saves Lin Ying of chairman of health food association to express, association will pledge according to the product circumstance of quantity sampling observation and advertisement release behavior to wait, be as good as one's word, fundamental to the enterprise keep faith, break trustworthy travel credence to manage by different levels, establish sincere letter record, announce to the society regularly. Come from Zhejiang to save enterprise of many 50 health food to express completely, will answer construction of industry credit system actively.

Zhang Feng building points out director of association of Chinese health care, association will sum up the experience of Zhejiang, “ of integrated whole nation be good at ” word association, provide a service for development of health of health food industry better, guide company change idea to strengthen sincere letter self-discipline.