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Plant of PEEC 2008 international extracts content exhibition an
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Line of business of products of development plant extraction drives Chinese traditional medicine modern course

Sponsor an unit: Su Si of tower of British good rich exhibits gigantic light of group TARSUS PLC / KingLeap

Support an unit: Medicine of world doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns federation / the druggist in Europe is met / medicine of complete Europe traditional Chinese medical science learns federation / American pharmacopoeia committee

Foundation of European traditional Chinese medical science / Holand kingdom is stationed in Shanghai consulate / bureau of investment of Xi Helan foreign country

Public relations travels: Public relations of KingLeap gigantic light

Exhibition of East Asia of Shanghai of 16-18 day China kicked off grandly in October 2008!

Content of extraction of plant of zone of Asia-Pacific of international major exit is exported the first exhibit

Brief introduction

Exhibition of content of extraction of plant of PEEC 2008 international and seminar reach Asia-Pacific area as China first large internationally exhibition of plant extraction content, be located in surely make fair of Asia-Pacific area exit trade. Exhibit business to come from global plant to extract content technology the most top class brand enterprise, gather together the technology of plant extraction content with newest whole world. Exhibit can accumulate strong industry resource and brand gene, the international plant that the whole world that can weighs to China and Asia-Pacific area have dimensions and brand force most gets the person that go to assemble in extracts distinguished gathering of content technology industry.

Brand of PEEC 2008 collect is revealed, international trade, market is recommended reach the function such as technical communication at an organic whole, the corresponding period will hold speech of special subject of policy of forum of top class technology, international market, industry to develop seminar, business affairs to send quits activity. PEEC 2008 will extract products line of business to offer to share optimal technology progress, join to purchase business and supplier be in harmony to talk about close platform of collaboration for professional personage for the plant, it is the enterprise reveals the partner of comprehensive strength, associate with, stimulative international trade, rare opportunity that opens market entrance door more.
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