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Compound vitamin is diabetic person good helper
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Diabetic person takes compound vitamin to may prevent small infection of cold and other everyday. “ because their nutrition is not too enough ” ,this is, american north blocks city of collect Lai accept case of Bahrain of center of medical treatment of Ka Luolai pay (Thomas A. Barringer) tells a reporter. The participator great majority in this research overweights or fat, if “ is fat also be a factor that has profit, that all fat person be benefited possibly also ” . The American of 40% often takes some kind of vitamin or mineral supplementary dose, although do not have scientific evidence to show this true can promotional health almost, but some research show compound vitamin can enhance immune function really, old people and diabetic person often cannot get enough nutrition, the dangerous in a way of infection increases, whether can because the group of this Bahrain case studied,vitamin and mineral supplementary agent prevent small-sized infection. They are in March 4 " internal medicine learns discipline thing " magazine (Annals Of Internal Medicine 2003;138:365-371, the report on 430-431) , compound vitamin can prevent infection it seems that, be opposite at least diabetic person such. Those who take compound vitamin is diabetic person only 17% reports had been affected, if infection of the upper respiratory tract, flu or gastric bowel,affect; and comfort agent group for 93% . Additional, hind group 89% reports are in a year the delay one's work inside research period at least one day, before group without one person. Diabetic patient is considering to may be lacked more first at least one kind of vitamin or mineral, this may explain the beneficial effect of compound vitamin, but investigator cannot decide whether can be explained completely by these little difference. This research organizes Charlotte-Mecklenburg sanitation to serve foundation to aid financially by independent charity, brought into 130 adults of 45 years old of above, about 2/3 overweights or fat, 33% have 2 model diabetic. The author is to want to determine at first the compound vitamin influence to old people, but the old people in participator is too little -- only 33 people are in 65 years old of above, as a result cannot make conclusions. Since most participator overweights, bahrain division says to still cannot overweight certainly and did not suffer from diabetic person or only diabetic and whether can the person that do not overweight also be benefited. Although he reminds this,not be compound vitamin the final verdict that affects to immune function, but also point out this kind of supplementary dose is very safe, and the price is quite cheap. The person that overweight accordingly, diabetic person, the person that did not get enough nutrition or immune function are low person use this drug or reasonable. Haing Buddha university is public the Shitanfu of hygiene courtyard (Meir J. Stampfer) and not Ci (Wafaie Fawzi) says, the effect that studies compound from understanding vitamin originally became close one pace, but also have a few limitation, if example is lesser. There are two to did not discover compound vitamin can prevent infection in 3 similar research, but these two are to be in nutrition is enough person in undertake. “ may need stricter research, feel with other quick in diabetic patient especially philtrum ” , they are summed up in following hair review.
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