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Fair of Changchun citizen health will kick off at lunar base
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The reporter saved federation of industry and commerce of the Changchun City to understand from Jilin recently, fair of health of citizen of first China Changchun will come was held in Changchun international exhibition center on June 3 on May 30, will attract at the appointed time domestic and international ginseng of nearly 600 manufacturers is exhibited. According to introducing, fair of current citizen health gives priority to a problem with paying close attention to life of the people's livelihood, care, in order to improve citizen health consciousness, guide scientific and healthy consumption to be a tenet. Set medicine to exhibit area, health food to exhibit hairdressing of area, health body to exhibit an area to wait in all 9 exhibit an area greatly. Ma Qun of director of current exposition organizing committee says: This healthy exposition and other major exhibit “ of the meeting lie differently at, it is completely face common people exhibit meeting, the daily life be closely bound up of exhibiting article all and common people. During exposition, we still will establish the spot to experience an area for broad citizen, the audience can experience healthy household and the glamour of healthy articles for daily use are in personally. The audience still can consult all sorts of healthy knowledge to the expert in advisory service division. ”