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Taiyuan is more and more normative health food market
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Wholesome supervisory branch was opposite Taiyuan city recently the management circumstance of health food of the bazaar inside city, supermarket, drugstore had comprehensive examination. The examination is announced as a result now, in sufferring 56 health food of check to run a variety of unit, 200 food, the product of function of health care of exaggerated conduct propaganda and curative effect already was exited stage by stage, major management unit all can undertake management an activity by the requirement. Execute the law personnel discovers in the examination, all obtained healthy check-up of management health food to prove mount guard works from personnel of course of study, management health food all has health food to approve the relevant proof such as acceptance label of certificate, product, all fixed health food sells bar. But still the part manages an unit to be put in a few problems, if some manages an unit to did not build sanitation management system, health food and medicines and chemical reagents or cosmetic are mixed put together etc. To the problem of discovery, execute the law personnel instructs his to rectify and reform on the spot, will undertake checking to rectifying and reform a circumstance, the person that do not rectify and reform to refus gives administration is punished.