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Huang Taili heart boasts curative effect is suspected of unfair
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8 yesterday are big to Chong Ansi in May 2008 inside drug-store, somebody generalHealth foodThe phenomenon that “ Huang Taili heart is adding up to bolus ” to boast ” of magical drug effect enters “ to be sold all right had a story. Yesterday morning, a lot of readers are hit into our newspaper hotline, despicable to the businessman behavior undertakes censuring. Our newspaper reporter undertakes dogging interviewing to this matter.

In the morning 10 when make, controller of industrial and commercial place introduces Chong Ansi, 7 days afternoon, what they receive “12315” transmit is relevant after informing against, head for field survey instantly. Enter that concealment Xiaofang inside drug-store, profess “ China the woman of doctor ” is inside house. An ad of large ” of “ Huang Taili heart, cause vigilance of industrial and commercial personnel, they manage coronary heart disease, head quickly to the “ that writes on advertisement the apoplectic ” content that is suspected of publicizing medical effect phonily raises doubt. In be versed in business personnel spot obtains evidence, homebred health food approves the “ that the other side offers the shop sign of “ Huang Taili heart that gives to supervise management board to issue by national provision medicines and chemical reagents to adding up to bolus ” certificate ” . Be clear about on this certificate indicate function of “ health care: Note of ” of exhaustion of delay disintegrate force, “ : This tasting cannot replace medicaments ” . Industrial and commercial personnel is opposite on the spot “ China the relevant controller of big chemist's shop of doctor ” , Chong Ansi was done note. Yesterday, industrial and commercial personnel tells a reporter, according to field survey, “ Huang Taili heart is adding up to bolus ” to be suspected of false conduct propaganda, disobey " oppose unfair competition law " . Current, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is being investigated to this matter development.

Yesterday afternoon 2 when make, our newspaper reporter is interviewed again. Drug-store arrowroot manager was accepted after examining reporter evidence interview. He says, to “ China doctor ” place says and the exaggerated conduct propaganda that exists in advertisement, oneself are unwary really, because he is ferial office of pass in and out is more frequent, because of this pair of “ China doctor ” and consumer chat content not know the inside story. But the reporter notices, arrowroot manager and a few offices of drugstore clerk, with “ China between the cubby that doctor ” handles official bussiness, lie between an one person's much higher simple and easy fence only, and on end makes an appointment with half meters of space to was not cut off, apart also only 45 paces, and by pass in and out of same fan door. When the reporter is interviewed, li a ” of white unlined long gown of another “ inside hut chatting with a few consumer, its speech sound can listen very clearly in the office position of arrowroot manager. Arrowroot manager admits at the same time, “ Huang Taili heart is adding up to bolus is health food only, cannot substitute drug absolutely. ” introduces according to him, product of ” of “ Huang Taili heart sells nearly 2 months into this inn, and manufacturer personnel “ China doctor ” is to controlled an ability to enter inn to offer “ to seek advice from ” to consumer on April 25. To the Huang Taili inside inn heart advertisement has the case that is suspected of publicizing content phonily, drug-store already undertook obstructing with adhesive plaster paper, await door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to investigate processing.
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