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Health food label is exposed to the sun " 7 blames
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Label of industry of Chinese health food is non-standard long-standing, only because label, manual is unqualified,Beijing had variety of 219 health food last year be instructed to rectify and reform, this one state already caused a worry to consumer. Yesterday, committee of work of market of association of trade of moral of Chinese health care went health food industry to mark through considering to list 7 blames. “ carries pair of markets monitor, we discover at present health food marks to basically be put in 7 big questions, it is brand name and product name are violated respectively compasses use, exaggerated conduct propaganda, brand abuses bag mount, did not indicate wholesome licence, did not make clear production enterprise, did not say bright and clean content and size of health food label too. Hunan pink clouds expresses researcher of policy of commission of work of ” this market. “ is hidden by the ‘ of exposure before this for instance the brand name that secret discharges oily ’ is a model and product name are used violate compasses, because ‘ hides secret to discharge oily ’ ,be a brand only, and the real name of this kind of product is ‘ luck dream ’ of 100 careless tea reducing weight. According to the regulation, the name of health food should include brand brand name, current name and attribute name 3 parts, the company comes in the name that same size should use on the outer packing of the product line out. But this enterprise discharges ‘ Tibet secret oily ’ enlarge, hold easy misdirect customer so, let consumer think product and mysterious Tibetan medicine are concerned, actually this one product is common medicinal herbs tea reducing weight. ” Chu Caiyun tells a reporter. Yesterday, the reporter also discovers inside a drugstore, health food marks another relatively serious problem is “ 3 without ” phenomenon, do not have wholesome licence namely, without production the enterprise is mixed without clean content. The reporter chooses the discovery on two of choose tea reducing weight in drugstore at will, mount of package of these two products all did not mention expressly manufacturing company, manufacture with such-and-such enterprise however, research and development is replaced. We are opposite “ of health food market in monitoring, also discover this kind of case is more severe, as a result of the manufacturer this is planted non-standard tagging, once appear,bring about a product problem consumer does not know to who should look for to be in charge of. ” Chu Caiyun expresses. “ as laws and regulations of health food trade ceaseless and perfect, whole industry also is being improved ceaselessly, still put in a few bigger questions of course, these problems affect the development of whole industry probably. If health food industry wants to develop healthily, ask the business should be carried out strictly according to concerned regulation in every respect. Chief tells a reporter related committee of work of market of association of trade of moral of ” China health care
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