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Conformity is bought prepare appear on the market natural plant
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On August 18, 2008, chinese Shanghai, exhibition of content of extraction of plant of PEEC 2008 of exhibition of major of content of extraction of first macrophytes of our country and seminar be about to in October 2008 16-18 day is in Chinese Shanghai East Asia exhibition is held, the reporter sponsorred know of company of unit KingLeap gigantic light from PEEC a few days ago, tianjin is beautiful human relations limited company of natural plant science and technology will attend medical group PEEC 2008, the —— of product of new generation high-tech that reveals a company to lead a person of the same trade industry is sweet chrysanthemum glucoside reachs his relevant achievement.

Tianjin is beautiful human relations medical group is natural limited company of plant science and technology is to be engaged in natural plant active ingredient studying the high-tech company of development and manufacturing sale. The company is built the modern natural plant with the biggest dimensions of China north area collects industrialization demonstrative base, have year of production sweet chrysanthemum glucoside more than tons 1500 productivity, the product sells as far as to the country such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Korea, Australia, gained good economy and social benefit.

Be opposite to satisfy an international market sweet the demand of chrysanthemum glucoside, the manufacturing technology of sex of the actual strength of science and technology with company solid support, innovation, modern detect method, make sweet the product of chrysanthemum glucoside and quality promote steadily. The company developed STV(Stevioside) and R-A(Rebaudioside A) in succession new generation is sweet chrysanthemum glucoside, had become domestic and international purity of the biggest high quality STV90(STV 90% above) with R-A95 (R-A purity 95% above) the orgnaization of high-tech research and development of the product and specialization manufacturer home. The product of 3 norms gets used to the STV90 that at present dimensions turns production, R-A80 and R-A95 completely the quality safety of the international market asks. Produce the quality of raw material for safeguard, the company is returned according to Chinese traditional medicine the requirement of GAP is thrown gigantic endowment many mus 5000 are built in and other places of Heibei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Yunnan sweet chrysanthemum is planted the seedling is bred and cultivate base, assured sweet the essence with chrysanthemum natural, green, safe, healthy glucoside.

Tianjin is beautiful human relations medical group is with natural plant medicine of extraction, Chinese and Western is made, the high-tech enterprise of the modernization that development of production of research and development of natural plant cosmetic, estate and building, international trade gives priority to course of study, diversity, internationalization group. Cosmetic of Pu Lanna of group subordinate Tianjin sells limited company, united States human relations is natural limited company of plant science and technology, United States human relations is round-the-world and limited company of international trade limited company, estate of south Africa health, herbaceous medical industry (Indonesian) 12 subsidiary such as limited company of limited company, Yan Zhao estate, and the unit of 6 scientific research such as academy of Tianjin medicaments academy, Tianjin cosmetic science and technology. The group has stuff 1000 more than person, capital total achieves 2.666 billion yuan.
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