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Global plant extracts content to buy an October to will visit P
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Content of global plant extraction buys domestic October to will visit PEEC to seek cooperation

On August 25, 2008, chinese Shanghai, exhibition of content of extraction of plant of PEEC 2008 of exhibition of major of content of extraction of first macrophytes of our country and seminar be about to in October 2008 16-18 day is in Chinese Shanghai East Asia exhibition is held, the reporter sponsorred know of company of unit KingLeap gigantic light from PEEC a few days ago, germany does obeisance to ear, France SAFIC, An Lizhong country, medium change spring of group, farmer, Yashilan home of black, Shanghai is changed come from etc at the whole world health care of famous plant medicine, food is tasted, the major that cosmetic waits a domain a moment is bought the home and.

Content of extraction of Asia-Pacific zone plant is exported the first exhibit The exhibition of content of PEEC plant extraction that by KingLeap Su Si of tower of rich of become reconciled of huge optical company exhibits a company to be held jointly and seminar reach Asia-Pacific area as China first large internationally exhibition of plant extraction content, exhibit business to come from global plant to extract content technology the most top class brand enterprise, gather together the technology of plant extraction content with newest whole world. Exhibit can accumulate strong industry resource and brand gene, the whole world that can weighs to China and Asia-Pacific area have dimensions and brand force most gets the international plant that the person that go assembles in to extract content industry distinguished gathering. Exhibition of content of PEEC plant extraction and seminar collect brand are revealed, international trade, technology communication is an organic whole, it is the enterprise reveals the partner of comprehensive strength, associate with, rare opportunity that opens market entrance door.

Domestic famous manufacturer appears concentration PEEC 2008 PEEC 2008 extracts the numerous plant that comes from the whole nation showpiece manufacturer, plants of all sorts of international market popularity that show extract content product and innovation technology, include on behalf of the manufacturer: Spring scenery of green treasure of the USP of pharmacopoeia of Tianjin aiguille, United States, sun that do not have stannum, Hunan 9 collect, Tianjin beauty human relations, Hua Kang of Kang Long of Hunan nature, Changsha, Changsha, Xinjiang and Tian Dichen, Gansu Province is born, Changsha.

The plant extracts seminar of market of content international high end The seminar is exhibition of content of extraction of plant of PEEC 2008 international and seminar one of major activities, also be Asia-Pacific zone plant the grand meeting with right clique of workshop of development of speech of special subject of policy of forum of technology of high end of first collect inside extraction content domain, international market, estate, business affairs, the communication community that elite of the associate of trade of domestic and international trade that devotes oneself to to extract content and relevant domain for the plant, technologist, industry offers an outstanding view. The seminar will discuss industry economy to develop countermeasure of problem of difficulty of policy of situation, international market, heat, sale to suggest to wait for a lot of task, enter market of international high end to offer to drive Chinese plant to extract content decision-making with intellective support. From development angle discusses Chinese plant to extract products line of business to develop the current situation, commerce and technical trend, heat and relevant policy, make authority unscramble; Release an industry solely to develop research fruit, stimulative China plant extracts the communication of content enterprise and international market and collaboration.
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