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Line of business of products of development plant extraction dr
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Cure drug market is huge, but all the time since, pharmacy line of business however because innovate medicaments is very little and lift sufficient not before, the industry needs to seek new development way. Chinese traditional medicine became one of exploration, the Chinese traditional medicine of chiliad is counted in Chinese according to legend, if make the medicinal material of active ingredient of extraction of western pharmacy company gradually now. The plant extracts content to regard medical core as raw material and product, be applied extensively at plant drug production, make the important research task with current modern Chinese traditional medicine.

Current, course of study of traditional Chinese traditional medicine is extending what —— combines Western medicine namely to be able to be quantified toward a new way with but the action mechanism that the effect of test and verify and Chinese traditional medicine contain a variety of part will develop natural plant drug, bold in innovation before row. In recent years, chinese traditional medicine is modern the topic of a heat that becomes China and even whole world. About Chinese traditional medicine at present modernization compares authoritative definition is: Be opposite one of drug of herbaceous extraction substance or a variety of active part have appraisal and proof, clarify these active part are mixed in action of the metabolization process inside body, pharmacodynamics action mechanism, drive dimensions of this medicines and chemical reagents to turn production and sale then. Substantially, chinese traditional medicine is modern the process that the identity that one uses Chinese herbal medicine in order to accord with the cure of Western medicine standard preparation and is not food or prandial replenishers namely extends to the international market.

The key with modern Chinese traditional medicine depends on Chinese traditional medicine make on the west, that is to say, through the lab the test analyses the one or more active part in medicines and chemical reagents. However, the difference of theory of medicine of Chinese and Western, make Chinese traditional medicine modern the process becomes more hard. After all, want to be mixed through accurate measurement evaluate thereby the better effect that controls traditional Chinese herbal medicine is not easy thing. However, try hard to still undertaking: Researcher is exploring the medicaments of “ world each district actively to evaluate a system scientificly in order to build, make the development of Chinese herbal medicine can accuse more, and accurately appraisal and proof are among them active composition, ensure thereby the security of medicaments. Xie Yang of director of lab of natural pharmaceutical chemistry says institute of medicaments of Shanghai of ” Chinese Academy of Sciences.

There is media coverage before this, first macrophytes of Chinese that by become reconciled of company of KingLeap gigantic light Bodasusi exhibits a company to be held jointly extracts plant of PEEC of content major exhibition to extract content exhibition and seminar be about to in October 2008 16-18 day is in Chinese Shanghai East Asia exhibition is held, exhibition of content of PEEC plant extraction and seminar exhibit business to come from global plant to extract content technology the most top class brand enterprise, gather together the technology of plant extraction content with newest whole world. The seminar of market of high end of international of plant extraction content that PEEC the corresponding period holds will discuss industry economy to develop countermeasure of problem of difficulty of policy of situation, international market, heat, sale to suggest to wait for a lot of task. The personage inside course of study is analysed, the prospective development that base oneself upon extracted content exhibition and seminar to discuss a plant to extract content at the PEEC plant of natural extraction content and important modernization develop, the radiation action that PEEC place brings, will develop modernly as Chinese traditional medicine increasingly apparent.
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