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Where does Chinese plant extract products line of business to d
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Plant extraction content is the core raw material of biology medicine and product, be applied extensively at food of sex of plant medicine, additive agent for food, function, cosmetic to wait for manufacturing domain at present. As medicine of 21 centuries biology swift and violent development, in new medical pattern the influence falls, the product of plant extraction content that has active or functional sex accepts favour fully get be admissived extensively inside alive bound limits, have vast market space, promoted development of medical foreign trade effectively.

In last few years, crop of content of extraction of our country plant with annual the speed of 20% increases by degrees, exit is valued, predict our country plant extracted content to export circumstance general prep above 2008 600 million dollar. But the quality level that raising a plant to extract content gradually as a result of western country, accordingly, the industry with lagging equipment of low, technology will export level of a few production henceforth the prospect that establish raises matter will be very difficult.

Extract content exhibition and seminar according to PEEC 2008 plant newest release " market research of state of affairs of development of content of Chinese plant extraction reports " show, company of content of Chinese plant extraction is general and young, but specialization rate is very high. Among them nearly 70% enterprises all extract property Wu to the plant is engaged in after 2001. Chinese plant extracts content enterprise to think generally, competition of person of the same trade is intense with the main difficulty that outside lacking a country, relevant technology is development of market of content of Chinese plant extraction. But the enterprise extracts size of products estate market to expand gradually to the plant hold hope, at present demand basically is market potential development and market are more normative.

Compare with photograph of medicine of chemical raw material, extraction content lacks corresponding code and policy to have tie and standard to the market. Our country is the accepted plant medicine big country on the world, not be plant medicine powerful nation however, the share that holds on the international market is skimpy 10% . Nowadays, the plant extracts content and its goods market to making a burgeoning industry. The author thinks, build a product to register a system, spend in order to increase a property centrally, increase the profit margin enrollment according to medicines and chemical reagents means, extract content to the plant of some breed, the country approves the manufacturer with good quality of a few product to have production only about the branch, with preventing the adverse situation that breed of occurrence sell like hot cakes is fooled and goes up.

In the meantime, concerned branch should be encouraged actively and facilitate the enterprise forms industry alliance, the problem such as punishment of the export price that tastes to extracting products, amount, profit allocation, break a contact is told travel is harmonious, will avoid to change foreign currency in order to export to be the malign competition of the purpose. Form the dimensions dominant position that draws content product variety easily already so, benefit is produced at the standard, return demand a low price of effectively manufacturer of abroad of keep within limits, maintain the economic interest of domestic company.
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