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Industry of rubber of international of the 3rd Shandong reachs tire exhibition

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Time: On September 10, 2008 - 12 days
Place: New and high area. Jinan international exhibition center (the road austral industry 28) ☆ ginseng extends range
Balata technology
Balata raw material
: Material of natural glue, synthesis glue, reclaimed rubber, carbon black, filling, framework, of all kinds auxiliary, additive

Balata machinery equipment: Balata product is made, equipment of system of control of test and control instrument, computer, finishing, stand-alone and technology

Rubber products: Spare parts of weather strip of goods of emulsion of glue canal, adhesive plaster, conveyer belt, balata, rubber, miscellaneous wait

Tire technology

Meridian tire, inclined hand in cover tyre of sincere of inner tube of tire, tubeless tire, balata, balata or half heart tire, pneumatic tire, old tire to wait

Annulus the tire periphery fittings such as circle, hub

Tire renovates a technology

Tire maintenance, test reachs Wu of kimono of the equipment that change an embryo, tool

Other: Rubber trade special issue, magazine, public media and other balata are relevant industry

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