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The part is plastic the material that pack will be replaced by goods of environm

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Inc. of science and technology of environmental protection of Hubei green world (next weighing " green world " ) use straw stalk, straw and fallen leaves to wait " agricultural biology simple stuff " a series of new products that make, what can replace a tradition completely is plastic and foam products, realize complete degradation, free from contamination. Last year, these new products already were light green world brought 60 million yuan (RMB, similarly hereinafter) sale, and this one word will achieve 500 million yuan this year.

Green world uses crop resource and crop litter to make those who give priority to raw material production package data, already was made at present can replace the electric home appliances
The Su Xiaohai of the person that establish of green world introduces, its technology is unique all over the world, and product value is compared plastic cheap 20% , the cost of effectively cut enterprise. At present the mother of plastic finished product expects plastic grain price is 15 thousand yuan about - 16 thousand yuan / ton, and the mother makings of agricultural biology simple stuff needs 1000 yuan 8 only - 10 thousand yuan / ton, if this one new technology popularizes the whole nation, can reduce the cost that the mother expects further not only, still can decrease at the same time cannot of degradation rubbish generate.

It is reported, green world is being improved in research " agricultural biology simple stuff " mother makings, will replace plastic base material completely with this, achieve similar use result, make new material of this kind of environmental protection covers a society stage by stage " eat, drink, with " all-around domain.

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