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Plastic shopping bag GB is announced will mark manufacturing day
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From China association of plastic treatment industry learns, about plastic the national level of shopping bag is announced already formally to the society, will rise to be carried out formally on June 1 from this year.

As we have learned, plastic level of shopping bag state includes 3: " plastic the environment of shopping bag, safety and label are general the technology asks " , " plastic shopping bag " and " plastic of shopping bag detect quickly method and evaluation " .

Expert Dong Jinshi says chemistry of vice-chairman of association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment, environment, plastic shopping bag does not include provision bag and connect a bag to wait pack with bag kind of goods. According to standard requirement, plastic shopping bag should be instinctive quality, other facial expression should be decided by both sides of supply and demand; Plastic shopping bag not be patient of hampers use bleb, perforative, model turns undesirable, pearl eye the flaw such as deadlocked piece, bag film should even, level off, without fold; Presswork plastic shopping bag should printing ink is even, clarity of design, character, complete, presswork come off rate be less than 20 % .

Standard regulation, plastic number of the name that the label of shopping bag needs clear bag, level, norms, mark, be like common and plastic food of plastic shopping bag, direct contact uses shopping bag, degradation plastic shopping bag should be on bag bright show " food is used " model of written characters. Plastic the information such as date of the factory name that shopping bag makes clear a label to produce manufacturer even, birth and acceptance label, of requirement polybag deposit the expiration period not to exceed a year.

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