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China, India, middle east forms an Asia " iron triangle "
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Petrifaction industry and macroscopical economy progress are had closely related quality, developing quickly as a result of China, India and economy of middle east region, regard Asian economy as rise fundamental strength especially, china and India held two seats in Shikoku of brick of world economy gold, this brought huge demand to the petro-chemical market of 3 areas. Recently, information of the sources of energy of general family name is in petrifaction market put forward on research press conference 2008: China, India and middle east area had risen abruptly become giant of the world's new 3 big petrifaction.

3 giant affect world petrifaction situation

Current, the petrifaction estate development of China, India and middle east area is affecting world petrifaction old structure. Arrange of international the sources of energy predicts: The development of China and Indian petrifaction industry will make the petroleum demand of two countries breaks up to 2030 time. Reuter reported on April 21, industry of petrifaction of middle east area grows speed to keeping synchronous with China.

A of pattern of petrifaction of world of influence of Chinese petrifaction industry main factor is terminal market demand. China regards an Asia as the market of supply and demand of the biggest petrochemical, also be the engine of global petrifaction market, turn the more rock that attracts world other area the company, production base moves China and circumjacent area. China had become the 2nd big ethylene of world that is next to the United States to produce a country 2006, predict 2010, the oil consumption of Chinese petrochemical predicts to will be achieved 2. 200 million tons, this will affect the situation of world petrifaction industry greatly.

Demand also exceeds Indian petrochemical to anticipate so, the rate that predicting with prep above government rises. According to forecasting, to 2010, indian ethylene demand year increase rate is 10 % about, a lot of derivative entrances still have increase, this will make the ethylene spending 2010 increases 5 million tons. To 2010 if petrochemical is ethylene, propylene, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, right still supply shortage xylene, this makes India plan to build 3-4 to cover plant of ethylene of world dimensions class not only, make existing ability breaks up time, also make foreign company is like the international such as chemistry of 3 water chestnut, Basifu petro-chemical tycoon invests Indian petrifaction course of study in succession.

Middle east already made the whole world main oil is tasted and petrochemical exports base, becoming the new heat of world petrifaction industry quickly. Regard the whole world as the biggest petroliferous country, leading petrifaction of middle east area the development of course of study especially dene, emerge revealed such middle east of company of industry of sand spy base the biggest, world's banner petrifaction produces business. Additional, petrifaction industry develops the nation such as Iran, Qatar, Kuwait and A couplet chief of a tribe very swift and violent also. Current, middle east petrifaction invests heat to be not decreased. Middle east is becoming the center of petrifaction industry quickly, the proportion that its hold in global petrifaction productivity grows ceaselessly.
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