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Oil will be in in plain build ten million ton project of class oil refining
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Southwest is about to end without the history of oil refining base. The reporter learned from Sichuan place yesterday, by in oil and Sichuan province are joint-stock cast 10 million tons when build / year oil refining mixes 800 thousand tons / year ethylene project already passed national hair to change recently appoint examine and verify, be about to leave in place build. This project is southwest invests the biggest temper with fire the first set to turn unifinication project with domestic one-time monomer.

Carry out as the country western one of main projects that develop the strategy greatly, sichuan petrifaction 10 million tons / year oil refining, 800 thousand tons / year ethylene refine changes unifinication project to be labelled country " 915 " major project, by in oil and Sichuan save joint-stock construction, budgetary estimate invests 38.6 billion yuan, include oil refining system system of 14 suit buy, chemical industry 8 suit buy.

Public figure of group of the oil in occupying introduces, this project begins to brew from 1988, in December 2005, national hair changes appoint allotted ethylene project official sanction file; On March 7, 2007, oil and Sichuan save a government to sign cooperative agreement formally in, finite liability company establishs Sichuan petrifaction, project construction advances pace to accelerate; In April 2008 the middle ten days of a month, ten million ton project of class oil refining just wins national sanction formally.

On April 21, in company of oil Sichuan petrifaction 10 million tons / year the contract of 4 plant transfer of technology of oil refining project signs in Chengdu. So far, system of this project chemical industry introduces technical whole 4 sets 5 sets to enter cooperative phase with oil refining system.

The reporter understands, this year annual, scheduling of Sichuan petrifaction project invests 4 billion yuan, the PC invite public bidding that will begin oil refining project to produce device at the near future works, the EPC that the refine that start turns unifinication project always contracts the negotiation of the contract. Part of predicting second half of the year produces device foundation construction work, underground construction work to build go into operation.

Be in early 2006, oil places a plan in: In future many yuan 1800 are thrown inside 5 years, push major project of oil refining chemical industry in the round, form 5 ten million that have world-class dimensions and stronger competition ability ton base of class oil refining. Before this, oil is in in the oil refining base of Dalian -- Dalian petrifaction is produced already can achieve annual 20.5 million tons, become the refinery with Chinese the largest scale very quickly; Its are in the ten million of Guangxi admire city ton oil refining project is being built in full blast, predict by this year before in succession put into production; In addition, oil still plans to part to make ten million in city of Liaoning calabash island and Yunnan in ton oil refining project.
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