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World PP special feed -- the car is special makings
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Car a replacement is the main field of PP application. PP density is small, resourceful, shape easily and reclaim, and as PP alloy and the development that confuse theory and technology in all, / price compares its function to rise ceaselessly, the breed increase sharply of modified PP, mechanical function, hot property is adjustable limits is increased, the tall tenacity, heat-resisting modified PP that reachs tall tigidity is used at auto industry in succession, accordingly, PP becomes a car to use plastic and useful measure the breed with most, the rapiddest growth. 1998 hind Holand DSM company was mixed on May 20 Mytex company (American Exxon and the joint-stock company of 3 water chestnut) signed extend each other license agreement, the technology that both sides all allows the other side to use his is produced in the United States and Europe and sell the polypropylene burden that the car uses, showed the car uses the trend of unifinication of plastic manufacturer whole world: DSM is European car uses polypropylene, especially thermoplastic the main supplier of polyolefin. Quantify to make a car small, with more plastic the liability that replaces other data is affirmative and undoubted. Every car is usable 100kg is plastic the other data that replaces 200-300kg, because the component is reduced, system of chassis, drive also can be made lighter with transmission system, average car is medium after 2000 plastic dosage increases 14 % . Foreign production company is ceaseless still roll out copolymerization class polypropylene the car uses resin, roll out recently have StamylanP of polypropylene of copolymerization of Holand DSM company, have admirable processability not only, still have high impact gender, tall hardness and be able to bear or endure ultraviolet ageing; Amoco chemical company uses Ziegler-Natta activator, rolled out fight Acctrf3950 of strong polypropylene copolymer, its MFR is 35g / 10min, basically use at the garnish inside the car: The advanced compasses that Solvay company rolls out spends polypropylene EltexP, have taller tigidity, hear resistance and better block to show performance, use at the garnish inside the car, mitsui oil changes the tall crystallization polypropylene that the company develops to be able to be used at car bumper. New development car still has polypropylene with colophony thermoplastic elastomer is like craft of Himont company integrated Hivalloy and Catalloy craft, the elastomer that in reactor lieutenant general graft of Ma Lai acid anhydride obtains in balata photograph, curve stretch model quantity to amount to 758MPa; And Montell polyolefin company rolled out styrene / polypropylene kind reaction of series of copolymer Hivalloy G alloy, its pounded function and rigid integrated balance to exceed groovy polypropylene. Accumulator crust is polypropylene one of main use in the car, euramerican accumulator crust already replaced ebonite with polypropylene entirely, this kind of crust is translucent, be it is raw material with polypropylene, HDPE, elastomer is modifier, add auxiliary to be mixed in all again and reduce an in part into weight and have strength tall, be able to bear or endure good, life grows microtherm, tenacity wait for an advantage. In addition, modified polypropylene still can be used at car gasbag (the Novalast 8000) that is like Nova polymer company. 2003, output of our country car is many 440, already ranked the world the 4th, grow 36.6% compared to the same period. According to report of American ESM WerWide: "Chinese car output will exceed 6 million 2008, 2015 will exceed Japan, jump house world the 2nd " . The development of auto industry cannot leave a car plastic the course that change, the self-sufficient rate with our country at present plastic project is not worth 16% region, demand mushroom, market prospect is valued. Crop of colophony of our country PP achieved four million two hundred and sixty-eight thousand two hundred T 2003, already jumped house 5 big first general and plastic, 26.78% what hold total output. Make clear according to concerning a material, in the whole world 5 big general and plastic in, the yield of PP can reach demand to own quite large share. Predict, 2006 the world 5 big general and plastic yield can be one hundred and ninety million two hundred and sixty-six thousand T/ , among them PP is forty-eight million seven hundred and eighty-two thousand T/a, occupy always produce can 25.64% . To 2010 the consumption of our country polyolefin will increase 28 million T by the 15 million T 2002, among them PP is 10.8 million T, LDPE is 2.8 million T, LLDPE is 6 million T, HDPE is 7.4 million T. Current, our country PP is put in the market breach of 200 much T, 5 years consumption will still hold future higher rate rises. According to current market condition, the market of product of PP of a few keys remains to be developed further. 2002 around, our country polypropylene is general makings market is relatively saturated, and special expect market criterion gap is bigger, above of the 70 % in importing a product is special feed. Although domestic petrifaction enterprise has noticed this market potential is tremendous, contend for photograph development, development to provide the special feed product of market competition ability more, but the polypropylene of high yield, high qualitative, high additional cost is special makings market will be henceforth the Chongzhongzhi that competition of seek of domestic petrifaction enterprise develops is heavy.

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