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Oil plans to build first in but degradation is plastic project
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Next month begins, countrywide supermarket will stop for free polybag, but plastic project greets degradation to expand opportunity from this. Website of big talk municipal government was announced yesterday, company of group of Chinese oil natural gas plans to build first to produce per year 50 thousand tons in Hainan province but degradation is plastic project. This project basically is raw material with starch, year need starch to make an appointment with 30 thousand tons.

From Hainan aid of the already that save project and understanding of Information Industry bureau arrive, the courtyard of Chinese oil program that oil group division issues in concerns personnel matters concerned ever waited to went to Hainan province to undertake survey with respect to project optional location before this.

Hainan saves industrial economy and Information Industry bureau to express about the personage, this project will be eliminated effectively " white is polluted " , the concentration that reduces carbon dioxide is discharged, stimulative Hainan saves zoology to save construction. After project building, have already decrease a platoon and replace have pollution cannot the environmental protection effect with plastic degradation, but outspread for more reasonable, efficient industry catenary.

As we have learned, hainan province is annual wastage of bagging of one-time plastic bag makes an appointment with 12 thousand tons, among them 80% above are cannot degradation polybag. Bagging of many deserted and plastic bag is abandoned at will, destroyed urban and rural environment sanitation. If many cannot degradation is plastic the bag that pack is abandoned to be in soil, the effect crop absorbs nutrient and moisture, cause crop reduction in production, and contaminative soil and groundwater; If use,burn law can produce a large number of toxic gas.

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