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Sichuan earthquake is plastic the enterprise is newest manufacturing situation
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Beijing time on May 12 14 when 28 minutes, in Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain county (north latitude 31 degrees, the east longitude 103.4 degrees) produce 7.8 class earthquake. Ten city visitting an area such as Beijing, Ningxia, Yunnan, Shanghai all have shake feeling. Focusing of look of the people of the whole country arrives Sichuan, the hope can understand the situation of a disaster as soon as possible, as soon as possible inflict comes to help, already the friend initiates raise donations on the net.

Sichuan earthquake, be murdered nearly 10 thousand people. The whole nation prays for disaster area people. The author connects line Sichuan friend of plastic group share, obtain newest Sichuan information.

1, the appropriate Bin Tianyuan that is located in Chengdu south, as Sichuan the biggest PVC manufacturer, production is basic and at present normal, for safety during, reduced partial load, do not eliminate later period to return meeting overhaul. The friend phone of appropriate guest is at present expedite, still contact with author Qq.

2, the factory of colophony of happy Shan Yongxiang that is located in Chengdu south, device already was overhauled at jockeying last night. Through abecedarian conduit and equipment supervision, construction of all production unit is at present safe, without occurrence injury. Plant area did not produce the situation such as personal casualty. If everything is successful, device hopeful drives afresh today.

3, the colophony of Sichuan gold road that is located in Sichuan Chengdu, be affected allegedly, production pauses. The earthquake is not big to industry influence, basically be safe consider and jockey, when to drive to should inspect seismic condition and be decided. Among them parcel area mobile phone is illogical, machine still go, a lot of units did not go to work. De Yang is newest statistic dies 412 people.

4, the Chongqing nature former company that is located in Chongqing, this second earthquake does not have too big impact to Chongqing, although rock is relatively apparent, river water extensive removes spray, but already stopped rock now. It is normal that production of interior of nature former company moves. Firm classics is checked, the company produces device now in good condition be like first.

Company staff expresses, the company already got in touch with local earthquake bureau, this earthquake won't cause too big effect to Chongqing. Nature former company produces device but beat back 10 class earthquake, designing similar problem already considered first, if produce an earthquake, the company can be in take meet an urgent need for a short while beforehand case, close all production plant.

5, the chemical industry of Chengdu China be in harmony that is located in Chengdu, company yesterday entire facility already was shut when the earthquake jockey. Go to work normally now, still do not have personal casualty, produce device to be being overhauled now, drive time basis circumstance, inform separately. Newest statistic the Chengdu City, dead number amounts to 323 people, 1059 people are injured.
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