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Outdoors reclaim machine of useless plastic bottle appears in Shanghai
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Recently, an appearance is similar pull coal tub easily greatly " beverage container reclaims machine " attracted a lot of pedestrians to stop to watch and experience.

This nearly 2 meters tall, diameter is close 1 meter Dayila coal tub is actually a kind " beverage container reclaims machine " , there is liquid crystal hold above, how Chinese and English clew is operated. The useless plastic carefe that always has a form yard and pull coal tub easily to be able to be thrown, after computer controls a system to affirm, can spit RMB of 1 horn money. This kind automatic and paid beverage container reclaims machine be being returned in the whole nation is first.

Disclose according to relevant personage, container of this kind of beverage reclaims machine also initiated the originality form with outdoors new media, can design all sorts of distinctive model, attract the eyeball of consumer, because blended in the concept of environmental protection, produce farther joy to interact thereby. It is reported, some famous beverage brand will is opposite above all have a taste of what is just in season of this originality new media, spread out new round sale offensive.

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