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The United States announces newest plastic solder technology
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Recently, company of technology of American Hei Fusi laser announced newest plastic solder technology, concerned personage thinks this one technology has very large application latent capacity in lieutenant general of the course of study that pack.

The base that laser beam welding accepts is to exceed the connect of intensity of connective mother capable person to be able to be passed launch high-energy laser to connective mother capable person bundle, mother capable person is absorbed, fuse and the process that confluence is together will come true. Traditional laser beam welding receives a technology support is fiber-optic will transmit laser, only 1mm controls width of result welding line, this one confine makes laser beam welding receives the plastic component part with large component part or geometrical complex form to make a take time difficult process.

But the system of ambipolar and high-energy laser that Hei Fusi company develops, solder the width of contact can amount to 20mm, can be opposite consequently large size is thermoplastic material undertakes soldering. This technology applies Yu Jubing Xi successfully. Of polycarbonate and filmy material solder. Introduce according to this company, this technology also can undertake material pledges differring plastic between solder, if expanded plastics is mixed between plastic film, and between plastic mould solder.

Of this technology roll out, for the packing course of study to one of plastic use large family, it is a good news undoubtedly. Plastic use as long-standing of the material that pack, but to assure its join sex and sealing, still basically use chemistry gooey coupling and thermoplastic pressurization coupling, the main problem of existence is wasteful material, and join is mixed sealed dependability is poorer. Wait in food chemical in packing, use solder technical advantage is very clear, besides welding line wider outside, not direct contact is plastic when applying solder, this relies on a blame to contact a system to assure, so won't the product pollutes a problem, also do not need to add cohere agent or flux. Should use polyolefin kind plastic when, need not add complementary makings or warm-up of mother capable person, apply solder to be able to obtain the connect with airtight better sex directly.

Another advantage is height of ambipolar laser system can accuse, energy is stable, solder so contact quality consistency is good, have higher reliability, can undertake exceeding soldering subtly to paper-thin material. Ambipolar laser system to soldering the dimension of component part and geometrical appearance do not have limitation.

The expert is forecasted, this technology has latent capacity of the following application at least in the industry that pack:

It is to need to the product of higher sealed demand is packed above all. Those who include the food such as milk powder, salt and crystal apperception to learn the industrial product such as drug and chemical fertilizer is sealed pack. This kind of product is easier deliquescence, its are packed should consider sealing already, the belt in wanting to avoid sealed process again enters contaminant, ambipolar laser beam welding receives polybag can according with this requirement without osculatory sex.
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