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Bazaar polybag will implement own price
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Department of Commerce law Director Si Shangming yesterday " goods is retail the place is plastic shopping bag is paid use government measure " answer when the reporter asks, express, as a result of plastic shopping bag is not belonged to " value standard " of the 18th regulation applicably the circumstance that the government coachs valence or government fix a price, because this ought to execute operator lawfully,fix a price independently. Http://chem.2006b2b.com alls rights reserved

Shang Ming points out, execute plastic shopping bag is paid using is to guide the public to decrease to use and be used circularly plastic shopping bag, decrease plastic shopping bag uses gross, keep within limits " white is polluted " . Had fixed a price independently to prevent a company low, basis " value standard " the 8th regulation, demarcate is plastic the price principle of shopping bag, do not get namely under management cost. Http://chem.2006b2b.com alls rights reserved

" method " will carry out since June 1, 2008. Basis " method " regulation, retail place ought to be opposite commodity plastic shopping bag plain code marks a price, alone on sale proof row shows consumer to buy plastic the amount of shopping bag, unit price and money, need to be sold according to indicative price, must not covert free is offerred plastic shopping bag, should build plastic for future reference of system of Zhang of stage of shopping bag purchase and sale.

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