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Happy must rolled out brand-new plastic disintegrator
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Plastic smash and reclaim the technology is banner the supplier is happy must disintegrator production company is rolled out last week brand-new 100 with 150 series product.

What produce in China is happy must 100 series model, use the particular compositive metal that owns patent to explore a technology (IMD) , can make the metallic injury of the plastic device such as screw of the disintegrator, machine that note model is decreased the smallest, prolonged mechanical life thereby, raise product function to reach yield rate, product sex price is compared tall. 100 series are a kind of rotate speed has 25 to turn only / the low speed small this world of cent does not have screen mesh disintegrator, special apply to smash brittleness material, and noise is little.

This series product has 3 grade: Confuse your archives (2 kinds of model) use at smashing makings of small-sized water mouth reachs second reject, be like medical industry; Middle-sized archives (4 kinds of model) the disintegrator side the machine that basically serves as model machine, smash immediately water mouth makings reachs second reject; Good-sized archives (2 kinds of model) apply to smash makings of large water mouth and plastic component, if car bumper reachs appearance dial,wait. All big intermediate model applied happy must particular compositive metal explores a technology. In addition, the feed hopper of transparent and organic glass of this series facilitates operator looks carefully at equipment to run a condition at any time.

Happy must performance of equipment of many 20 thousand when 150 series disintegrator uses than be in at present 15 series is much better, have 2 kinds of norms, use at smashing slashingly to reclaim process. 150 series rose to yield to lead and reclaim quality, cutting tool material makes smash with the innovation of cutting technology character expect evener, dust is plastic and fewer, deliquescent evener, reduced manufacturing cost.

Happy must disintegrator company headquarters is located in Sweden, year sale is 40 million euro. The product of 97% exports the company world each district, its many 70 thousand (set) disintegrator moves in each district. Information source: