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Tent out of stock! Polybag factory face about makes tent
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Disaster area is short of goods and materials urgently


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Up to distribute news dispatches time, disaster area still has the tent that millions person is awaiting to be able to offer stay.

Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, news of the State Council does hold news briefing of routine of shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, the country did Guo Wei of news bureau director newly to report newest data, the tent providing disaster relief that allocates and transport to disaster area adds up to three hundred and ninety-two thousand three hundred and forty top, quilt eight hundred and sixty-five thousand three hundred and eighty-four bed, clothings one million seven hundred and eighty-three thousand six hundred, simple and easy room 6000, bottled water 2.16 million. On May 19, help sb to deal with an emergency of civil administration ministry providing disaster relief manages the official shows, chinese need is most 3 million tent will find a place for the homeless 5 million person after Sichuan earth shake, and it is relatively difficult to searching tent field at present.

Tent out of stock!

Current, in assist disaster area people to overshoot further in the action of difficulty, each just are searching tent. A when China charity always meets piece of surname controller is right morning paper expresses, now most those who headache is how to search tent. A staff member of Shanghai umbrella factory says to morning paper: "Tent is early with respect to out of stock, if you book the goods after a week, also have hundreds of only. Also have hundreds of only..

Time pulls a month before returning, all sorts of originally the tent with smooth all the time demand, it is the tent of type of for military use that puts stuff of buffalo ferry cloth no matter, still be common nylon material tent, become home's most in short supply this year goods and materials between short a few climate. But, be like,provide disaster relief fire fighting, it is tent manufacturer no matter, the beneficent orgnaization that provide disaster relief, still be the governmental orgnaization such as civil administration ministry, already urgent arouse rise, the hope sends more tent ceaselessly toward disaster area in a steady stream in the shortest time.
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