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Department of Commerce is restricted clearly model limits and polybag fix a pric
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"Besides bazaar and supermarket, the name tastes inn of discount store, household building materials, also must not offer free polybag to the client. " Department of Commerce Shang Ming of law department director explained polybag is paid clearly yesterday scope of application.

" goods is retail the place is plastic shopping bag is paid use government measure " rise 1 day from next month carry out, method will be paid use executive limits restriction is supermarket, bazaar and market trade mart. Shang Ming had detailed explanation with respect to ' supermarket, bazaar and ' of market trade mart yesterday, include all sorts of inn of building materials of inn of member of convenience inn, discount store, supermarket, large supermarket, storage, general merchandise inn, professional inn, brand shop, household, shopping centers, market to wait namely.

" method " regulation, polybag price by commodity retail place is made independently, is not to have a specific governmental price. Shang Ming expresses, most enterprise suggests " method " clear lowest price limit, lest because polybag price is different,cause client billabong. To this, we think, as a result of plastic shopping bag is not applicable " value standard " in the circumstance that the government fixes a price, of course, had fixed a price independently to prevent a company low, make restrict, decrease use plastic the purpose of shopping bag comes to nothing, be opposite plastic the price principle of shopping bag had limit, do not get namely under management cost.

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