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Old plastic in inferior east capture a new life
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Recently, a Rongqi inferior east formal start produced the useless old plastic processing factory that presses down Meng Lingguo old person.

Speak of oneself livelihood, meng Lingguo says: "Produce 100 tons plastic, can be a country managing crude oil 200 tons! The product also does not have any additive, it is industry of an environmental protection. " it is reported, an adult is annual what the life arises is useless old plastic it is 17 kilograms about, a Rongqi produces useless old plastic estimation one year nearly 4000 tons. If use,burn or the pattern processing of bury, not only wasteful resource, and the pollution that cause also cannot be accepted. 2007, the first month often begins to breath out Er and other places to visit study to plan in Harbin, Qi Qi build a plant, at the beginning of this year, early days throws 230 thousand yuan workshop to had been built eventually. From last year end arrives now, the plastic products such as the waste silk bag that buys in this town and periphery is close many tons 160, 14 existing workers are the surplus labor force such as the woman all round and old person.

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