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Wheat of north of Anhui the Huaihe River buys the price to rise compared to the

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Monitor according to the market, this year in August since the last ten-day of a month, small wheat harvest of city of north of the Huaihe River buys the price every 500 grams 0.8-0.82 yuan (60% above of horniness, water divides 13%) , relatively on year the corresponding period rises 0.76 yuan 0.04-0.06 yuan, go up 7.31% . Flour every 500 grams 1.2 yuan, than going up year of the corresponding period rise 0.05 yuan, go up 4.1% .
According to the analysis, main reason is this year the country publishs protective farmer to add the measure that receive, with the photograph is more wheaten than rising twice last year most the bottom buys the price, farmer cherish carry out is waited for go up anticipate psychology increases.

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