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Zheng rapeseed oil closed considerably on September 17 drop

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On September 17, futures of Zhengzhou rapeseed oil jumps sky is low after leaving, go up quickly strong, the fall after a rise after suffocate suffocate is arranged, dish close considerably eventually low. To the limit of one's capacity of brunt agreement R0901 adds a storehouse, receive little secret line; Open quotation price 8, 300 yuan, closing quotation price 8, 170 yuan, drop 332 yuan, maximum price 8, 676 yuan, minimum price 8, 108 yuan, clinch a deal the quantity is 72, 144 hands, the quantity that maintain a warehouse 58, 054 hands.
Performance of oily market of plant of near future whole world lasts low fan, because the abidance of the smooth storehouse of congenial bull and crude oil goes,drop to all make the market is handed in project aura delicate. And domestic new season of oil-bearing crops crop rise to also will form suppress to price of later period oil considerably. Center of national grain oily information released on September 12 September crop beforehand appraise report, get on the output that Chinese soja, rapeseed comprised the main crop such as commissariat 2008 in the round tone, among them, 2008 of Chinese soja sow an area to predict to be 9.65 million hectare, relatively on year 8.7 million hectare increases 950 thousand hectare, amplitude 10.92 % . Predict the crop of Chinese soja was 2008 1, 7.5 million tons, relatively go up year 1, 2.8 million tons grow 4.7 million tons, amplitude 36.72 % . And Chinese rapeseed sowed an area to predict to be 6.4 million hectare 2008, relatively go up growth of year of 5.65 million hectare 750 thousand hectare, amplitude 13.28 % . Predicting rapeseed total output will be achieved 1, 1.5 million tons, relatively go up year of growth 900 thousand tons, amplitude 8.5 % .
Look on whole, the takes situation and weather situation to will still become place of plant oily market to pay close attention to central issue of crude oil, dollar, predict market of short-term international oil will still continue the fatigued and weak posture that is down oscillation, and the oil futures that home includes rapeseed oil inside, city also will be changed hard after low confuse pattern.
Relevant market, on September 17 agreement of brunt of Dalian soya-bean oil 901 closing quotation 7, 904 yuan, drop 218 yuan; Palm oil futures criterion all fronts drops stop, brunt agreement 901 closing quotation 6, 084 yuan, drop 320 yuan.

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