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Sales volume of market of flour of the Shenyang after the Mid-autumn Festival as
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After the Mid-autumn Festival passes, although sales volume of Shenyang flour market is inferior to a section before, but below not big, still carry smooth certain moving state.
On September 16, the client that Shenyang grain terminal market will come to to purchase flour before still more. In become a station greatly 19 lines, anhui produces Cape jasmine to spend the sales volume of tailor-made and first-class pink to be not decreased, give 15 tons with respect to the sale morning, as we have learned, this flour basically is used at machining cold face, gluten content is in 27 % - 28 % , whiteness is in “85” above, it is the first selection product that city of summerly fall Shenyang processes cold face, everyday sales volume amounts to a few tons. Inside grain terminal market one area is mixed on the west on the west the sales volume of each agency flour of 2 areas is very steady, this toucan, countryside, day longs for, benefit is unripe, 5 get the brand flour such as benefit still more popular; In in the sale that one Ou Xiangxue packet holds flour continues popular, triumphant dealing flour everyday sales volume can amount to 10 tons of above.
Nearly two days, pink of the steamed bread inside the market, special the sales volume of one pink lasts smooth. Henan 9 promote, abundant is put, glow, shandong course of study roc, of the steamed bread pink such as 3 benefit go sign is better. The sales volume of road pink glides somewhat before, the stock that basically is oily store of the free market of agricultural products inside city, food is enough, sell slower be caused by.
Flour of nearly two days of other cities arrives the quantity keeps smooth, arrive into the station flour still is in everyday greatly above of 10 train wagon.