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The United States is about to publish new safeguard second half of the year to b

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Agreement of Sino-US textile quota will this year the end of the year expires, the latest news that comes from Department of Commerce says, american spin industry has been in intense ground to study the way to deal with a situation, the purpose rolls out new commerce safeguard. At present organization of beautiful main spin already put forward to include to combat subsidy investigation, turn over dumping investigation, government to be based on monitoring to plan to be started independently oppose the dumping, safeguard measure that is aimed at particular product (421 clauses) wait for a variety of plan. After quota of textile is defeated by Europe cancels before this year in March, the textile of 4 kinds of categories appears the growth of more than 100% . For this, the expert reminds, the United States carries out the effect after bilateral monitoring in the Europe in close observation all the time, to prevent the situation of trade friction aggravate, enterprise must reasonable control exports rhythm, be in especially this year second half of the year, avoid by all means receives the order that comes from Euramerican area blindly, maintain accept the order the stability of the quantity. Second half of the year is to spin take exit key to nod   the agreement according to Sino-US both sides, at present our country has product of 21 kinds of spin conveying the beauty to set quota to restrict, suffer deadline to be 3 years, begin from January 1, 2006, this year ended on December 31. Cao Xinyu expresses vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, current government is in dominant of this respect negotiate a negotiation to work, did not cancel quota message formally at present. The personage inside course of study thinks, result of American general election will be on certain level the trend of policy of trade of dominant future textile, once candidate of president of the Democratic Party appears on the stage, textile will become American government to make the victim of harsh stance to Chinese trade policy again likely, and if republic party candidate wins victory, big range of beautiful spin industry sets the purpose that be restricted to face the possibility more difficulty. Besides quota, many industry public figures express concern to other commerce salvo. Guangdong saves a regimental of beautiful international collect to install Xie Shuangpeng of finite liability company to express, level of the health of the European Union, environmental protection is higher and higher, turn over a dumping to wait " killer mace " also be used again and again, power is very great also. The expert expresses, after managing bilateral monitoring system with the European Union from China, the effect estimation that the system carries out can become Sino-US textile exit to set be restricted whether the reference that cancels smoothly. Once Chinese textile dress exports occurrence blame reason to grow, the United States reconsiders setting bounds issue to Chinese textile entrance necessarily, and the United States was defeated by 21 kinds of textile of United States to set bounds lift a ban to also will become not affirmatory to China on December 31, 2008. The expert thinks, second half of the year will make clothing of spin of China of test and verify 2008 exit is Euramerican whether " downwind downstream " crucial node.

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