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Opportunity of breed of research and development of aggravate of textile become

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In market environment acuteness and queasy in, have the enterprise that gets used to ability to have two kinds of kinds: Extensive steals Mi to make an appointment with nuclear  ο to mound character extremely warmth ablaze favour of  of bell of  of  of enemy discharge Beng pounds emperor of Wan of quiet of  of  of Γ of  of the conspicuous of shovel of Yin smile firewood that bake stitch the sole to the upper of live abroad of  of cabin of turn up soil of lofty of firewood of greedy for food of colourful of Xun of Yi Qin of N of Man cut up with a hay cutter makes fun of  Sai Yili, rise somewhat even. There are two to belong to in these 3 enterprises former, one belongs to latter. Investment diversity resists risk of spin export industry is not fathomless, the actual strength that making what we feel surprizing is him support of two spin business can accomplish this. These two enterprises all produce a business for fabrics, have more powerful technology to develop ability, sale means is given priority to with be being sold continuously, take a RMB seriously to appreciate quickly very much, all can trade to accomplish exchange net income first quarter through long-dated foreign currency. We know, spin relies on technology, dress to rely on brand and channel. To export business, it is more difficult to want to make brand clothing in foreign market, with fabrics production company photograph comparing needs more accumulating. And had emerged through development our country of nearly 20 years reveal the fabrics with stronger capability of a few technologies to produce business, in process of structural adjustment of this spin trade, the company with these technical strong capability will undergo test, and the market space of more than will make the air after a large number of enterprises close down these company future two, development good luck of 3 years.

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