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The labour force such as spin is concentrated model the industry faces all-time

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"Our country relies on advantage of cost of low essential factor for a long time to participate in market competition, support low case is occupational the day of the international market, the likelihood was gone forever. " last week 6, fu Ziying of undersecretary of Department of Commerce is in " annual meeting of company of imports and exports of the 6th China " on express, below the case that puts the factor of production such as labour force of delay, resource to rise in price to appreciate quickly with the RMB in external demand, chinese labor is concentrated model industrial front is facing all-time challenge. National hair changes appoint vice director Zhang Xiaojiang also expressed to be anxious likewise to the predicament of foreign trade enterprise. He points out on the conference, chinese textile exit is added first quarter fast drop compared to the same period 20.6 percent, the exit of the industry such as bag of cap of dress, spin, shoe, box is added fast put delay. The enterprise is the following to 2 quarters order " dare receive not quite " . The data of national statistic bureau also confirm the judgement of two authoritative personages: Favorable balance of trade comes to our country 3 years drop first first quarter. Our country favorable balance of trade was thirteen billion four hundred and seven million dollar March, relatively on the month raises 4.852 billion dollar. So far, favorable balance of trade is forty-one billion four hundred and eighteen million dollar first quarter, relatively last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 10.8% , this also is favorable balance of trade is close first quarter 3 years since drop first. The enterprise fears without outside force hard extricate oneself   appreciates in the RMB, raw material rises in price, exit drawback policy is adjusted, below the joint action that new labor law issues a series of elements, since last year, chinese manufacturing industry is experiencing cold current. In fact, because cost pressure and RMB appreciate,wait for the influence of a lot of element, enterprise of a lot of foreign trade is losing the interest of export trade. Fu Ziying expresses: "Last year up to now, many export businesses ' sheet of big odd make down, long sheet changes short sheet ' , was forced to forgo opportunity of a few commerce, be immersed in the condition of stop production, half stop production. "   Fu Ziying still points out, policy of macroscopical this year adjusting control is farther incline to is constrictive, value of product of sex of interest rate, exchange rate, resource tends rise, plus labour cost rise, produce an effect inevitably to enterprise of imports and exports. Additionally the expert inside course of study expresses: "When exchange rate of RMB add dollar intermediate price is achieved 6.5 when, will have 25% , the spin enterprise of 30% is forced transition. This transition includes to fall into disuse, contractible dimensions. " according to forecasting, below current condition, the company that has 50% necessarily closes down before 2010 or transition. "Afraid last year problem may be trade friction. " national hair changes appoint vice director Zhang Xiaojiang expresses, "If basically be anxious how to reduce business failure today, then first job turned a help into them put subsist. " Zhang Xiaojiang expresses on second conference here. He thinks, labor is concentrated model the industry drives action to Chinese obtain employment big, still be helpful for increasing farmer income. China regards population as resource of numerous, average per capita the country with inferior level of relative shortage, overall technology, be in impossibly in short-term inside the comparison with low price of labour force of throw the helve after the hatchet advantage. Labor is concentrated model industrial current situation, must cause height to take seriously. At present mostly medium the circumstance of small spin enterprise still is quickening aggravation, can say " two legs already defect is in mud " , having outside force to be afraid is " hard extricate oneself " . China should not dread to try to encourage   Zhang Xiaojiang to express to exporter, because come from the demand of the United States, European Union and Japan abate, china should not dread to try to encourage to exporter. "Can withdraw tax rate through increasing the export of a few enterprises appropriately, will prevent exit to drop considerably. " the State Council develops a research center external Long Guojiang of undersecretary of economic research department tells our newspaper the reporter. But, the public figure that also has adjacent and decision-making layer tells a reporter, the central problem that although pay close attention to manufacturing industry very recently,appears at present, but exit policy should not appear to be adjusted substantially inside year, nevertheless company place expects " policy of get warm again after a cold spell " not quite actual still. Change as national hair appoint official, zhang Xiaojiang just also expresses on the conference: "The export that cannot reduce an enterprise again withdraws tax rate. " look in him, stability should become the keyword of improvement trade. Fu Ziying agrees with Zhang Xiaojiang's viewpoint, think policy stability ought to become the main measure that glides suddenly considerably to prevent outcome. When the controller of enterprise of domestic foreign trade is accepting a reporter to interview, Guangdong expresses, no matter export drawback to lead whether callback, the key of the problem is how to produce cost through be being reduced further, carry high yield to taste the means such as additional cost, cross too current crisis. He hopes the country can come on stage similar adjust measure, the enterprise is reduced to produce the difficulty that management place faces and risk on certain level. To this, scholastic Long Guojiang also expresses, should put the real case that be in at present according to the enterprise, take corresponding step. For instance, reduce difficulty of loan of medium and small businesses, below the setting that appreciates ceaselessly in the RMB, offer more avoiding that dangerous section is provided to wait. Fu Ziying also expresses: "Orgnaization of our country finance appreciates to the RMB offer avoid dangerous section is provided not much, the hasten as the international market is close, it is more and more difficult that our country enterprise raises price. The space of company digestive exchange rate is less and less. " he emphasizes, the government will continue to coordinate drive concerned financial orgnaization, develop more exchange rate to avoid dangerous section is provided, help enterprise reduces the loss that exchange rate wave motion causes. Continue to give necessary credit support to having the market, export company that has order, significant increase. Nevertheless, also the viewpoint thinks, although raise the cost of the enterprise,the RMB appreciates, but also be helpful for our country enterprise " go " begin internationalization to manage. The expert thinks, at present our country is in compare an advantage to adjust the period that upgrade, if the enterprise of imports and exports of our country, can be in this one process, through abroad buy, overseas production way, build the network of oneself global sale, optimize the global distribution of factor of production, come true from company of pure imports and exports the change to transnational corporation, can come true change a challenge to be good luck, realize the qualitative promotion that oneself develops. "

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