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Fabrics sells off-season fade-in

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Recently, sale of domestic fabrics market has turn weak evidence. According to report of company of fabrics of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, suffer second lend the element influence such as the crisis, world economy growth puts delay, international market demand is fatigued and weak, partial order flows to weaving cost ceaselessly low, the country with low price, bring about market of our country spin to sell a situation increasingly austere. Suffer carry on to begin effect of the meeting that spin rich, china of second half week spins discharge of urban field settle or live in a strange place gently bigger, but the travelling merchant that enter town is given priority to with view and emulate more, purchase actually, next only appearances are scarce. The C60S × 60S 90 × with better quality 88 cling to li gauze is supplied still nervous, slant because of supply of goods little, price still has rise phenomenon. Additional, pond of opposite Jiangsu lake, Zhejiang is knitted in, the 2 class market such as Guangdong, market of bridge stalking or branch each agency financing is relatively sufficient. Current, profit of special rule fabrics is in every meters 1.0~2.0 yuan; Groovy fabrics profit is in commonly 0.7~0.8 yuan. Person of old cloth market is angry in Guangzhou relatively turn apparently a few days ago weak, only small lot of factory of clothing of Dongguan, Shenzhen takes goods appearance frequent. Suffer air temperature to take tall effect, the travelling merchant that purchases into city is much with frivolous model fabrics is given priority to, tatting is medium light color, medium shipment of small lot of cotton of many kinds of craft fabrics is frequent, situations of all sorts of knitting cloth sale are pretty good also, basically use at the T-shirt. Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong a few attend wide make the company report of the meeting, current wide hand in meeting ginseng to exhibit the effect general, basically be a person air is inadequate, especially Euramerican client is very few. Industry of Guangdong area lubricious weaving, jean switchs on the mobile phone effectively rate drop. Additional, suffer Guangdong area air temperature to answer the tall, pressure that use phone bigger impact, the enterprise begins occurrence fault peak to use phone; Suffer environmental protection strength to enhance an influence, place and pressure of circumjacent area printing and dyeing mill are great. Nevertheless, according to Shanghai some enterprise is mirrorred, the functional fabrics ginseng such as the sweat of moisture absorption platoon that takes, deodorization that fight bacterium exhibits the effect passable, but individual foreign trader exhibits business to put forward to our country ginseng in order to divide the monetary settle accounts besides the dollar, express to pay no attention to solution, so ginseng of common our country postpones a business or comply with purchases the apiration of business, with the dollar or the money such as euro comes settle accounts.

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