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Chinese textile enters Vietnam market in great quantities

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According to news of network of center of Vietnam trade news, as a result of American economic depression, china enters neighbour to wait for the market like Vietnam in great quantities to beautiful textile. Present price is equivalent to going only the 50 % of annual bottom, be considered as the opportunity that imports Chinese dry goods with minimum price by Vietnam. According to Xie Chengjie of general manager of tribute WEC company introduces on the west, the Chinese dry goods that enters Vietnam through normal commerce channel at present is very cheap, the reason is its producer goods is surplus to requirement of inventory or production more, in the finished product that produces cost to had been hit early into market of other high end to export order for goods. Xie Chengjie says, right small commerce, the government should make provision of trade of the textile between specific two countries, a large amount of textile that restrict those home to be able to be produced enter Vietnam. In the meantime, relevant section should strengthen the blow that smuggles goods to port.

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