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Company product adds course of study of stone lion cloth to sell a site newly

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Recently, in the 103rd wide hand in meeting and Beijing fabrics to exhibit on, the functional sex fabrics that ginseng of business of stone lion drapery exhibits showed the ability of research and development with stone unique lion and stronger market competition ability. Functional sex fabrics is business of stone lion drapery increase competition ability " new weapon " . "Adjustable lukewarm " memory fabrics, use for difference in temperature of day and night bigger boreal Europe country produces ski unlined upper garment and insulated cold wear; "The radiate that fight report " , " from cleanness " wait for fabrics to divide already was used by many domestic clothing companies besides, still signed the agreement that offer money with many travelling merchant; A few those who use production of research and development of accept rice technology " prevent ultraviolet ray, water-vapor proof, prevent bask in, mouldproof " the clothing company place that waits for fabrics to also be stone lion and periphery is used. Business of a few fabrics pays attention to the character of the product and functional sex more, the different fabrics that installs according to cotton, chemical fibber or sportswear, bull-puncher is characteristic, increase a few special additive to enhance the plasticity of fabrics, sex that protect skin or balmy sex, raised the competition ability of dress and additional cost.

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