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Become angry wool unlined upper garment is adding outfit glamour

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A kind of animal calls chameleon, it can change according to surroundings colorific and change the color of the body, have the effect that protects to ego thereby. Not long ago, the reporter also arrived to be able to wear what go up in the body soon in person " chameleon " -- a cashmere scarf that can become angry. Indoors it or white, take outdoor, it became red slowly unexpectedly, wait for farewell to arrive indoor, it restores white slowly again. This applies those who go up in product of cashmere, abb to become angry namely technology. So, this kind can change along with the light and change the dress dress of color, how does development come out after all? This period bridge maple parlor, the person of research and development that we ask this technology -- Liu Xiaohua of manager of limited company of development of Beijing Meng Telai science and technology tells us among them secret.

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