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Chinese tendercy buys Kappa Japan to cross border going abroad to change the fir

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A few days ago, already hold Kappa is in the China of sprotswear brand enterprise of Chinese inland and Macao droit and right of administration tendercy (group) limited company (03818.HK) is announced, the company will be bought have Kappa brand to be in the sprotswear enterprise of Japanese droit Phenix Co. , ltd. total equity, this action indicates the internationalization strategy of a Chinese tendercy begins to enter specific executive phase. Held water 2002 with the Chinese tendercy of name of acting Kappa brand, its advocate " athletic style " the concept is more broad consumer especially young gens place is chased after hold in both hands and carry out goes. 2006, chinese tendercy bought outright the droit that Kappa brand is in chinese mainland and Macao area and right of administration, began to span the development course of type. On October 10, 2007, chinese tendercy lands Hong Kong couplet successfully to reach place. Chinese tendercy devotes oneself to all the time " mainland of international sports brand changes globalization of brand of course of study of the state-owend enterprise in mixing " ideal pursuit, in make trade of much brand operation gradually while, make oneself blend in globalization eye shot hard, creat world brand of China.

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