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Advance actively super- fine model abb base construction

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Company of group of spin of wool of Xinjiang Tian Chuan faces raw material to rise in price, the difficulty such as capital insecurity, change economy grows the economic point of growth with means, ceaseless new open up, go actively to search raw material resource, ensure scale of production and profit. 2007, profit grows 107% compared to the same period, woolen cloth output grows 14.81% compared to the same period, industry increases a value to grow 38.7% compared to the same period, exit delivery value increases 427.4 % compared to the same period, achieve the best level since giving group company to hold water. Group company makes full use of close from producing area of general raw material, finished cost is low, and from Chinese and Western inferior the area with closer country advantage, offer woolen cloth product archives develops Xiang Zhonggao, using new-style fiber, homebred super- fine model the respect firm such as fiber of abb, peculiar animal makes great efforts, do do line of business of weaver of strong wool spinning greatly. This company is advanced actively super- fine model abb base construction and industrialization process, build super- fine model the catenary of industry of one continuous line that wool production, treatment, sale exports. They were advanced mainly last year " construction exceeds fine model sheep base and development production sale raise high-grade essence high to spin project of woolen cloth one continuous line " construction works. Center of state-owned asset management established limited company of as rich as country of Hua Feng of dark blue city thoroughbred breed, Changji 3 times jointly science and technology of biology of Tian Chuanhua wind develops Xinjiang limited company. Applied home's banner biology embryo technology and breed raise a technology, construction exceeds fine fur sheep to breed manufacturing base. <BR> company improves facility of key of processing technique, configuration, development was produced with homebred those who exceed fine fur to be raw material is tall raise high-grade essence to spin a product. Improved a product additional cost and market competition ability. This project has initiate sense in industry of Xinjiang wool spinning and poultry industry. 800 16~18 micron exceeds fine model slave of blooded beauty benefit is planted sheep already city of auspicious of settle Xinjiang prosperous, fill Xinjiang exceeds fine model kind the blank of ovine breed.

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